What's the Difference Between Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website?

Many people get the terms "responsive," "mobile site," and "mobile-friendly" websites confused. They are similar, but at the same time, very different.
When Google made the switch to favor mobile-optimized websites, it impacted the web design industry. Sites that are not mobile-optimized are suffering in mobile searches. So many business owners have to figure out how to make their sites mobile-optimized. Martinez Site Design is solving for this.

Mobile-Friendly Websites vs. Responsive Websites

When a site is mobile-friendly, it means that it works on smaller devices but wasn't designed for it. Responsive sites are built with the mobile experience as a priority. Instead of just shrinking down a site (mobile-friendly), responsive is ideal because it will move columns around, rework navigation systems, change font sizes, etc., to be made for an optimal viewing and interacting experience.

Responsive Website vs. Mobile Websites

There is also a difference between responsive sites and mobile websites. A responsive site is just that - one site that does it all. It's nimble, flexible, and works well on any device. This is the technology Martinez Site Design has adopted. That's what makes our sites look and work so awesome across many devices and operating systems. Mobile websites are usually built by someone different than the desktop site. They are 2 distinct sites, which means two maintenance projects, you have to make updates twice, and it's a hassle. Some larger companies and brands will make this investment, but this is overkill and not worth it to most small businesses.

Business owners are constantly looking for cheaper, faster, easier ways to build the best website solution for their business. Until Martinez Site Design came along, building responsive websites was too time-consuming and turned out to be too expensive for most business owners to afford. Not anymore! Using Martinez Site Design, we can create beautiful, stunning websites for businesses that are fully responsive and work great on any device.

This post was inspired by this article on Clickz.
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