6 Key Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the buzzword in today's world of online business. In 2020, every business is going online, no matter how small they are. An online presence gives us access to millions of customers, and having a website for your business is the best way to go online.

Now the question is, being a small business, why invest in SEO? Or whether it applies to your business or not?

Even the big brands known in the market use SEO regularly for their website to remain on top in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to beat the competition.

You may think that online competition is only for the prominent market players, but let me remind you, you are mistaken. No matter how small or big your business is, you will face competition, whether in the physical world or the world of the internet.

You may have good content, attractive images, interactive layout, good videos, but all may go in vain without SEO. A website with great SEO plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. It is a major pillar to drive traffic to your business from organic search engines.

SEO is considered the most effective marketing strategy for your online business. It offers you organic quality traffic, which further will get converted into sales. The larger the traffic, the better are the chances of getting good sales.

Let me go through some of the most important key features of SEO in 2020, which will help derive success for your business in the coming years.

6 Key Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses:

Improved User Experience & Targets the Right Audience

For a great business opportunity, you first need to understand what your customers need is. Forget not; it is a continuous process as customer behavior may change with time. If it’s not easy to find what they want on your website, it will irritate them, and they will leave sooner than expected.

Google also keeps an eye on how much time a person is spending on any page or website, which helps them decide which website to rank higher. This is an essential factor to rank higher against your competitors, and hence SEO can’t be ignored.

As said above, SEO is key for online marketing strategy, allowing your consumer to find you in need. It is like hitting the ball with the right timing to score.

This kind of online marketing is also known as inbound marketing, which focuses on the consumers and offers them information in the form of blogs, videos, images, etc. Targeting users who are hunting the internet for answers related to your industry may give you potential consumers.

With the right SEO techniques in place, you target the right audience, thus increasing sales conversion. Again, hitting the ball with the right timing and technique.

Brand Visibility through 24x7 Promotions

SEO-friendly websites rank higher in search engines, attracting more visitors to your website, raising your brand visibility and product or services you are offering. SEO helps you stand out amongst your competitors, enabling you to connect with the right target audience you have in mind.

Remember the last time you looked at the second page of any search engine to find what you are looking for. Maybe never, right? You can do keyword research to find the relevant information, and you may wonder that there are always one or two websites that land on the first page. That’s the magic of SEO-optimized websites.

The beauty of SEO is that it never stops working for you behind the scenes. SEO keeps getting traffic without ever taking a break. It works for your website around the clock, even when you are sleeping. While it may be the night for you, at the same time, somewhere else, the sun is rising. So, SEO is generating leads for your business when you are fast asleep by promoting it higher.

Grows your Website Traffic

As we just went over, it is important to have traffic on your website. That’s why SEO is there in place to bring traffic to your website. Why do people turn to search engines in the first place- The answer is to find a solution for their problem.

With great SEO techniques, your website is ready with solutions to help them out. Being a small business in nature, you may not be a recognized brand in the market, but SEO helps visitors land on your website with non-branded search queries, also known as organic traffic.

Your website is your marketing agent working 24x7x365 without rest. SEO is one of the key qualities a website should have to bring paying customers to your site, helping you grow your business.

Higher Conversion Rate

SEO-optimized websites offer services faster and easier across all electronic devices. These websites are easy to navigate and hold your visitors. They are also easy to access for returning visitors who may become potential future customers.

SEO-friendly content/solutions lure visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or share your services on their social media accounts, attracting more visitors. SEO helps you place your website properly across all search engines boosting your chances of getting higher conversions.

Building Trust

Having ranked on top search results on any search engine means that the search engine believes in you as a valuable and genuine source of information and puts you first against other sites.

SEO helps you build the authority of your site through various practices like optimizing on-page content, getting backlinks from reputable websites, and at last, improving your site’s user experience.

Internet users trust search engines for solutions. By offering relevant, helpful information, you gain the trust of search engines. In return, they push your website to rank higher, and as a result, users start relying on you. With SEO, you build the trust of search engines and end-users, and your website visitors will be loyal to you and recommend you to others.


Last but not least, SEO is cost-effective. Any service or product offering the benefits mentioned above comes with a huge price tag, but that is not the case with SEO. SEO is crowned as the most cost-effective and long-term marketing strategy for building awareness, generating traffic, and sales conversion.

Like outbound marketing techniques where huge investment is required to attract customers, SEO is affordable. All you need is to consult professional and trustworthy agencies offering SEO services that can help you boost your search engine ranking to get larger and quality traffic.


With all the above key benefits, SEO can skyrocket your website’s traffic and revenue. If you have not thought of SEO yet, it's not too late. SEO is a continuous exercise; SEO is like a multivitamin capsule to keep your website’s health in perfect condition.

Given a thought about the advantages of SEO, you might think that you will be able to do it yourself, and that's true. But it won’t give you expected results. SEO is the job of professionals as it needs to be done at granular levels.

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